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Man’s best friend can also be man’s best mess maker. Dog messes commonly include poop on the floor, hair shedding, scratching walls, and random stains on furnishings or carpet. With all the messes dogs make, is it any wonder that sensible homeowners think twice before welcoming Fido to the family?

Although pooches are full of potential messes, don’t let this scare you from adopting a dog. You’ll find that usually the benefits far outweigh the headaches. Though, you can make your life a little easier by having these three must-have cleaning supplies for these three common dog messes.

Dog Poop on the Floor: Melaleuca Sol-U-Mel

According to the Scrumbles healthy dog poop chart, dogs poop anywhere from once to five times a day. Even the most well-behaved “house trained” dog will make the occasional mistake and deposit an unsuspecting loaf somewhere in your home. When that happens, don’t fret, just follow this step. After removing the poop, attack the site of the deposit by using a tough eco-friendly stain remover. There are a variety of Melaleuca products formulated specifically for this poopy purpose including Sol-U-Mel and Tough and Tender. After spraying, let the carpet spot soak for about five minutes before scrubbing with a cloth or a couple of paper towels. Then, simply let it air dry.

Dog Hair on Carpet: Bissel Big Green

Shedding is a normal process for dogs. The amount and frequency of shedding varies according to breed. In any case, you’ll need to have a cleaning plan in mind. And it needs to go beyond vacuuming and include a semi-annual carpet cleaning. This shouldn’t be an expensive endeavor. A quick trip to Lowe’s or Home Depot will outfit you with a 4-hour rental of a carpet cleaner. The cleaning solution to go with it should be a pet-friendly one like Bissel Big Green.

Dog Urine and Slobber on Upholstery: Nature’s Miracle Urine Destroyer

Nobody wants to sit in dog urine. (That’s the understatement of the century). Who knows where your dog has been marking his territory. If you’re “lucky” enough to discover the mess while it’s still wet, begin by blotting the area with dry towels. Once you’ve removed as much of this moisture as possible, clean the area using Nature’s Miracle Urine Destroyer. You’ll want to be very vigilant in scrubbing until ALL of the urine smell is gone. Dogs like to return for repeat “mistakes”. Eliminating the odor will help discourage repeat transgressions.

So, remember, just as dog food and a leash are must-haves when owning a dog, don’t forget the equally-important must haves for your cleaning supply closet. Your life will be all the happier because of it.

Now go play fetch with Fido.

April 15, 2023

Three must-have cleaning supplies every dog owner needs

Man’s best friend can also be man’s best mess maker. Dog messes commonly include poop on the floor, hair shedding, scratching walls, and random stains on […]
February 11, 2024
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